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2019 Intentions

In December my friend Dani came by the studio and took these film photos of me doing my thing. She’s a digital photographer who has been experimenting with taking film portraits. You can find a series of the portraits she has taken on her Instagram here. In the world of monetizing every creative project, I think it’s really cool to have special practices that are purely motivated by inspiration and desire to create just for FUN! It’s easy to let fun take a back seat because it doesn’t feel “essential” for day to day life, but without fun creative projects - what’s the point?

I love the idea of a fresh start. Monday mornings, the first day of the month, a new moon. All of these feelings are so bright and new and ripe with potential. We’re already on the 21st day of January but I’m still slowly getting rolling for the year. I spent the first week of the year in New York and the second week of the year catching up from my time away. Now I’m getting settled in and thinking about the year ahead. There are so many ideas and projects I want to tackle, but I also know that I am prone to over committing and spreading myself too thin. I know that slowing down and simplifying and focusing on the few things that are most important to me is the way to go.

For the first time I’ve decided to partake in the practice of choosing 'words of the year’ inspired by my friend Katie Dalebout. These words are what will ground me and what I can come back to as the year progresses. When something comes up I can weigh it against my intentions for the year and see if it aligns before deciding one way or the other. The 3 words I picked for this year are SAVOR, PRESENCE and COMMUNITY.

In 2019 I want to spend more time with my community - prioritizing in person gatherings where we can connect and being real with each other. Discussing issues that are important to us and leaning on one another to guide us through our highs and lows as well as problems we face as a society. We don’t have to go it alone! I want to spend more time with my people and really SAVOR and be PRESENT during those times. I want to soak up every minute and experience. I am the queen of list-making and calendar organizing, but I want to be in the moment more and focus on what I’m doing instead of the laundry list of what needs to be done. Because life is now and that’s all we have guaranteed to us, so why not slow down and enjoy it? We live in a capitalist society that ingrains it in us to be “productive” and constantly working, but we are just not built for that. Humans need rest, creativity, curiosity, joy, love, and to feel physically connected to the space they are inhabiting.

In 2019 I intend to connect more with my physical space, to really notice and spend time outside. I know that going for walks outside is incredibly grounding for me and I need to allow myself to make the time for it every day. As a person who mostly works solo, alone most of the time in my house and my studio, it can feel isolating. Going outside and walking around reminds me that I’m not alone. There’s a whole world around me and so many places within and surrounding my own city that I can explore. I want to be more present and not on a screen most of the day. It feels good to just let my mind wander and have ideas pop up, and this feeling seems to come so much more easily when talking to friends, on a walk, or in the shower, when I’m away from a screen or work.

Yesterday I did my first ever ‘no screen day’. No phone. No computer. No internet. It was so lovely and not hard at all. It felt good to just BE and feel like a human again instead of a working vessel. Going forward, I will definitely be partaking in screen-less days weekly or biweekly. Recently I was listening to the Strange Magic podcast, and Sarah mentioned something that really resonated with me. She said - we don’t need to ‘work hard’ to ‘earn’ self care and rest. As humans, we innately need and deserve it. We can take care of ourselves at any time and rest when we need to. 💥

My intentions for 2019 are aligned with my words of the year practice. I want to spend time working on collaborative, creative projects with others (feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas of what we can work on together!). I love the feeling of having a loose outline of an idea and then spending an afternoon with a friend, seeing where the project takes us - it’s so much fun! In the coming months I will be launching a mini artist residency out of my shared studio. I am fortunate to have a guest room in my home and a large art studio space, and I want to share with others: invite creatives in to work from the space, stay at my house, host a gathering, explore Detroit. It’s such a wonderful, creative city and I want to introduce new people to the artistic energy of this magical space. In the coming months I will be doing a trial run of this mini residency with a friend and then opening it up to applicants after that.

I intend to continue learning about how to best operate my business in an ethical and sustainable way. It’s been so rewarding to be able to work creatively on Rosemarine Textiles and I hope to continue to grow it in a slow, steady way that feels right to me. I want to honor feminist business practices and hopefully be able to take on apprentices or interns or helpers in a way that is educational for all of us and not exploitative. I want to connect with more customer-friends and spread the message of how we can all make small changes to support a more earth friendly and ethical world.

I want to show up for myself and release the self sabotaging habits that don’t serve me - nail biting, mindless consuming of food and content, clutter. I want to create a space around me that is clear of junk and instead has a warm vibe filled with plants and crystals and beeswax candles and the smell of a homemade soup and books and vintage clothes and furniture and things my friends made. I’m feeling so inspired and rested and ready to create after allowing myself the time and space to recharge.

I look forward to coming back to this space when I inevitably veer off course and need a reminder of where I want to go and what my yearly intentions are. Do I expect that I can release all negativity and become a perfect person in 2019? Definitely not. But I know that if I follow my gut and my desires for the year it’s a sure path to living my life in a way that brings me joy.

What are your goals and intentions for 2019? I would love to hear. Do you partake in the practice of defining a ‘word of the year’? If so, what are your words of the year? I’m so excited to see where 2019 takes us.