Rosemarine Textiles natural dye workshop offerings. Click here to sign up for plant dye workshops in Detroit and Chicago by Meghan Navoy of Rosemarine Textiles.

Drop In Indigo Dye Workshop

Drop In Indigo Dye Workshop


Saturday October 25th from 1pm-4pm at 4859 Michigan Ave in Detroit. Parking in back of building or on the street out front. Enter through the front. Come and go as you please during open hours!

Bring your own items to dip in the indigo vat! Old stained or dull clothes, pillowcases, tea towels, cotton socks, whatever! I’ll supply the indigo vat, you bring something to dip it in. To indigo dye, items must be a natural fiber (wool, silk, cotton, linen, etc). There will be some basic instructional guidance but feel free to experiment. For dyeing, wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty - like an old t shirt or a smock.

Note: your item won’t be able to fully dry before you leave so expect to take it home damp in a bag ~ No large bedding or blankets please (it won’t fit)

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